Bustle Music is a fair internet music platform which tries to tackle three issues:

– Explore the world by its music and musicians, and discover what’s currently happening in the music scene everywhere around the globe;
– Support the development of local music scenes, where nowadays lots of countries lack of intellectual property law, or of an audience big enough to support the musicians;
– Fill in the gap between the high level of streaming consumption and the low level of revenue artists actually get at the other end of the chain.
The website is a map of the world on which every musician can geo-localise his music tracks. Any curious, music lover, or traveller can freely browse the map to discover the world in music and contribute to supporting local music scenes.

Bustle Music is also a direct funding system for the artists called ‘stream & fund’. A minimum of 60% of the total income generated solely by subscription is redistributed among the artists proportionally to their popularity.