The end of an area: we’re closing down our ‘stream & fund system’

Sadly after two years and with only 15 persons who’ve subscribed we’re closing down our “stream & fund’ system…but not the platform!


To make it short, we’ve identified two main factors:
– The difficult challenge to get people to pay for an internet cultural service,
– The harsh competition of the music industry.

In general we -including ourselves – have been used since the beginning of the internet to get digital content for free. And I’m not talking here just about music. It’s the same for movies, news,…for everything which is purely digital actually.
So why would we start pay now?
It’s too difficult to change that habit., even if more and more of us realise that the content we consume has been produced by someone…who has also a rent to pay at the end of the month, a family to feed…

You don’t believe me ?
‘No, I don’t. There are 100 million people who’ve subscribed to Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music just to stay in music.’
You’re right. They do. And us too by the mater of a fact!
But what people pay is for the ease to access to a single service with a large catalogue synchronised on all their various devices (mobile, laptop…). There is barely a point made to support the content producers aka the artists in our case. And surely, should you already pay a tener every month to Spotify for example you don’t want to pay an extra fiver to access another music service.
It’s fair enough.
We’d be better off with just one single service offering you everything.
But it’s impossible.
As 75% of the music is produced by Universal, Sony and Warner and that those guys ask for a fortune to distribute their music, small actors like us have literally no chance even with some exclusive content.

It is a pity, because as explained in the ADAMI report only 46 cents of a typical 10€ membership in a music service goes the artist whereas our “stream & fund” system has proven to be much more rewarding to the artists even with a small number of subscribers.
And with our contacts in the independent scene all around the world and notably in Africa, we were really able to financially support up the independent music scene. And beyond music, our innovative system was a practical way to foster local development at a global scale.

But Bustle Music is not down yet!
The silly adventure of geo-locating music on a map is not finished yet!
We’re working on a light version of Bustle Music, free and fully focused on geo-interactions.

More to come in January 2019!

Many thanks to all who’ve been supportive since the beginning of the adventure !

Cyrille & Ludovic

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