Nicole Stella: electro-pop-folk has an Italian face

Away from usual ‘folk clichés’, the emerging new Italian talent Nicole Stella has released her new album ‘Something To Say’, a very nice collection of peaceful acoustic melodies, carried away by her clear and beautiful voice.

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Who’s said that pop-folk music was a pure American product?!

She’s coming from Italy, with a beautiful voice and a great talent for her young age, we’re happy to present this week Nicole Stella!

Nicole’s from Verbania, a small town Northt Italy, in the Piedmont region. Very young she started to play the piano, and soon the guitar too. Aged of 16 she accessed Opera courses at the ‘Cantelli Conservatorie’ to pursue her passion for singing. If classical and jazz was her first moves, under the vocal technique guidance of Francesca Ajmar, she discovered herself a passion for folk music during her university studies in Pavia, performing her first acoustic duo ‘Acoustic at Work’ with guitarist Gianfranco Grande.

And that’s where the work began!

Nicole moved to London between 2013 – 2015 to practice and perform to some even well-known venues such as Southbank Centre, establishing herself as a ‘talented emerging artist’. Her first album ‘New Day’ – available on Bustle Music! – in August 2015 confirmed Nicole as an ‘enjoyable batch of folk pop songs’ from leading music reviewers in the UK and the USA.

Back in Italy Nicole has been touring in her own country, taking part to famous stages such as JAZZMi or Festa della Musica, gradually approved by the press & media.

Her second album, ‘Something To Say’ was released in March 2017 – also available on our fair music platform!-. It’s been described as an ‘interesting mix of classic rock, folk and electro-pop’, which is a good description! It’s indeed a very nice collection of peaceful acoustic melodies, carried away by Nicole’s clear and beautiful voice. Away from usual ‘folk clichés’, it seems that electro-folk-pop has also a European face!

Be surprised: listen & support Nicole Stella on Bustle Music !


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