Chora Genesio : fast and happy rhythm from Brazil

Choro, is the first Brazilian instrumental music. It’s fast, happy and beautiful, played and inspired by Chora Genesio, a bunch of young artists not afraid to travel the world to expand their music horizons. Welcome to modern Brazil, mix of ancient and modern, based on a solid music tradition!

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February 2015.

We’re arriving in São João del Rei in Minas Gerais (Brazil) on the advice of a professor we’ve met in Brasilia that it’s supposed to be the ‘cradle of music’ in Brazil. In this ‘small village’ in Brazil scale -about 60 000 people- a little bit out of tracks, barely anyone speaks English, and if the town is very picturesque we’re wondering what we’re doing here until we’ve managed to catch-up with Bill Davidson.

Because indeed there’s a solid music tradition there, kept alive by a serious degree in music at the local university hold by some big names in music, and thus a large number of great musicians ‘in-becoming’.

Away from the the usual ‘commercial channels’ of pop or MPB -Musica Popular do Brasil-, the music-students there practice, and practice, in humility and with passion. And that’s how Chora Genésio started in 2009. In between lessons and practice of their own instruments, Bill, Marcio and Pablo have started playing and re-arranging ‘choro’ classics.

Choro is an instrumental Brazilian popular music genre from the 19th century, mix of African and European music played in a Latin American context. Originally played by a trio of flute, 7-string guitar and cavaquinho (a small-guitar type) it’s characterized by virtuosity, improvisation and subtle modulations. It’s commonly played nowadays with light percussion, clarinet or saxophone and is considered the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music.

During 6 years Chora Genesio has been improving its arrangements and live performance, which led, in 2015, to the recording of the first album, the Moderno Antiquário, with the tambourine of Milena Lopes. On that first album the idea was to embrace this big gap between the age of the songs.

Encouraged by the success of this first album they went on a ‘Euro tour’ in France, Belgium and the Netherlands summer 2016 with clarinetist Alice, to enrich their practice of live performance and get new inspiration not so much on the music itself -Choro is Brazilian- but on the approach of music.

And this has lead to a new album recorded in Paris called Bom Soar, portuguese for “well sounding”, featuring Thierry Moncheny, on the 7-string guitar, and Karine Huet, on the accordion. The title also resembles the french expression for good night, bonsoir.

With this genre Choro, which is the first brazilian instrumental music, the group intends to work holding hands with both the tradition and the new.

Modern-traditional choro by Chora Genesio is light, very melodic and peaceful. It’s got a fast and happy rhythm.  To be listened…on Bustle Music but not only !


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