Maray Fuego: the rambling accordion

When Maray Fuego plays, it’s like a circus performance, but in music!

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Ljubljana, January 2012.

It’s late afternoon. The pale wintery sun barely manages to warm up what will be a classic cold Balkan night. Nonetheless it gives a beautiful light over Ljubljana city centre. At the bottom of the ‘castillo’ -the little castle-, in this beautiful Austro-Hungarian city, music’s coming up from one of the bridges, adding to the beautifulness of the day.

It’s pure acoustic accordion. And straight away we’re seduced. Accordion can be either sad, or overly-clowny. But in Maray’s hands, it’s sweet, it’s soft, and it’s actually quite funny too!

It’s like a circus performance, but in music! That’s probably coming from her talented lineage, from the various influences her music is a convergence of, such as punk, gypsy jazz and smoky lounge music, but also from her own experience having travelled the world.

Maray’s grandparents were artists themselves, while her mother is a vocalist and her dad’s a guitarist. Literraly ‘born into it’,  little Maray has travelled across the USA following her parents’ band to various music festivals. She got from it the passion of playing music and travelling, tuning her ear and learning to live on the road.

This has lead her to be part of lots of different projects, from solely playing music (Hot Damn Scandal band) to touring part of circus performances (like what she was doing when we caught her in Ljubljana that day, aside her show within Squidling bro Circus).

Shame we couldn’t make it to the marquee, but at least we got her dancy music in the box!

You can listen and support Maray on our fair music streaming platform!

And keep your eye open….she’s a rambler. She can be down your street anytime 🙂


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