Juda Jay: when West coast hip hop meets with the French Touch

Bustle Music is that fantastic opportunity to take onboard the cultural exchanges resulting of people moving and exchanging around the globe.


Carrying on our music world tour, this week we are in California (USA) mingling with Juda Jay in the well known hip hop ‘west coast’ scene. But that’s not entirely true. Because Juda actually lives in Paris now,  offering us a rather interesting mix between 2 of the capital of the urban culture.

Quick bio. Juda Jay is ‘California boy’, born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Hip hop was big there in the 90’s and millennium’s. Juda made his first steps as an artist embracing the overall hip hop culture and notably graffiti where he got his artist’s name ‘Juda Jay’ from. He had his first attempts in music too, but really, it’s only after moving to France that his music career would take off. Indeed there, he’s learned to adapt his style to capture the essence of rap, by empowering the text to express emotions we can all relate to.

‘California raised with a French touch’

Juda mixes west-coast influences and French vibes, where flow and melodies mixes with no clash. From the artist himself: ‘Each song is a new journey and a new sound, California raised with a French touch’. His music tells stories of his new life in France, as an Afro American, and relates to the youth of immigrants but also to his version of the American dream of going for what you believe: ‘we just live our life, sometimes we do it right, sometimes we do it wrong. But at the end of the day it gets done our way’.
A strong text, a nice melody, a bit of West coast hip hop meeting with the French Touch…it’s all on his Bustle Music’s!

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