BM in the UK: past & upcoming

As you may have noticed the last few weeks have provided an opportunity for Bustle Music to develop our music catalogue and expand our network by touring in the UK. Taking the advantage of the festival season, we took the road in August toward Bristol and Edinburgh. See how our tour add up and let us talk about future!


Summer assessment tour – First step: Bristol

In the beginning of August Bustle Music went to the United-Kingdom.

It all started a few weeks ago in Bristol, South West of England. The aim was for our boss Cyrille to immerse himself and our fairstreaming platform back into the UK’s music scene. After several years out there where he met a lot of artists (Offbeat, The After Hours, Mankala …) and actors of the music industry, he had decided to (re)connect his personal address book and check if anything has changed in what has been for a decade ‘the n°1 music city in Britain’. The good news is that the diversity of the Bristol underground and alternative scene is still the ideal opportunity for our geolocating music platform to broaden the field of its musical connections with labels and some festival-goers.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: obligatory element of passage

After a few days of scouting around in Bristol, Cyrille had decided among the extensive range of festivals offer in the UK to dumps his suitcases in Scotland. To be more specific, he could not help himself from popping at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We managed to present our platform at the Fringe Fair – a fair for all actors of the art industry-, where we received a warm welcome. Thanks to a favorable configuration, this renowned festival allows to the audience to mingle down the city streets with a large number of musicians and talented artists of all types among the 50,000 + performers! We hope to see soon some Scottish folk, or fusion of drum&bass and bagpipes on Bustle Music; to be followed! 

What’s next?

Fertile and creative the UK scene is well known as THE reference in the festival music industry all around the world. For that reason Bustle Music is actually working on the development of local branch; more info to come soon. Currently our second place in terms of artists on our platform, the United Kingdom is a real springboard for the future of our work and we know that! Some UK based vacancies to come up in autumn; keep in touch!

Music creativity is still very stron in UK. The evidence is quite clear on Bustle Music!


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