Those Among Us: Let the rock begin

Since a few days Bustle Music is waving the England flag! Artists, music, festivals, WE LOVE ENGLAND! Today, it’s time to continue with the energy of Those Among Us,  a rock trio which is going to astonish you with “Songs From The Crash Site” their first explosive album!


Christchurch in South of the UK is the place where the crash site took place. However, Those Among Us’s members are coming from 3 different sides of the world and that’s maybe what makes up their specific potential. Indeed if John Brandon (the songwriter) is the real Englishman of the band, his two mates are coming from America. The singer Steven Mesropian is from Boston (US), whereas Lino Gonzales, the composer is from Argentina. Three nationalities, three musicians and three different paths to make one original band. Even if their first studio album has been launch in May 2017, the band is working on this project since a long time and their first track has been shared with their audience in 2010. Their first song “Feel”, featured on the album, was an intense and dark pop-rock track: the result is a good summary of their musical world. On their 16 tracks album the band probes the depths of their minds with some bleak and powerfull lyrics which make them more captivating.

Fully aware of the difficulty of modern music industry, the band who worked seven years to make this album come true decided to share it on our fair streaming platform. At Bustle Music we all agree about the fact that their rock is as strong as disturbing and that’s the reason why they are our favorite band of the week. Support them on our platform if you like them and let the rock begin !

Do you love Those Among Us? Play their album & support them on Bustle Music ! 


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