Bustle Music at the Fringe Festival

In 1947 eight groups were refused to play at the Edinburgh International Festival; they moved ahead performing…at the fringe: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was born! With more than 50,000 artists performing comedy, theatre, spoken word, music, circus….you cannot be disappointed!


The Alliance of Defiance

The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 as a world class cultural event to bring together audiences and artists from around the world.

That same year 8 groups arrived in the Scottish capital hoping to perform but were refused entry. Instead of being discouraged they decided to move ahead and perform anyway….in the fringe of the festival. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was born!

Today the Fringe is a truly open festival, where in the spirit of the its origin no one is denied entry. It happens in parallel with the still world class International Festival, creating a unique atmosphere and festival.

With more than 50,000 performers across 300+ venues, you cannot be disappointed regardless what you’re looking for. Stand-up comedy has gradually became ‘king” here. But Edinburgh Fringe is not just about comedy. Theatre, spoken word, circus and of course music are also well represented. It is said that every hour you’ve got 700 performances happening at the same time…during a month!

See, no chance to get bored at the Fringe!

A unique festival model

Unlike most festival, you don’t pay a full festival ticket upfront.

You pick the show or performance you want to see and go! For some of them you get a ticket first and enjoy the performance. For the others you enter for free, and donate accordingly to how much you’ve enjoyed the performance.

Financially it works the same, don’t get me wrong. But it means that you can if you want tail the festival to your budget.

Yes, because that what’s truly unique. Or quite unique, as I only know ‘le festival d’Avignon’ which works sort of the same.

Artists at the Fringe showcase during the day in the street of Edinburgh. They are not additional performances. Non. They give you a taste of what their performance will be like, as a bit of a PR! Hence you spend the day wandering around that beautiful craicky city of Edinburgh, watching performances all around, picking where you’ll go next!

It sounds silly, but unless you’ve got backstage access it’s usually difficult to meet artists in a festival. Here going to talk to them in the street or at the end of a show is just part of the experience; great for anyone who’s into building up a catalogue;-)!

Being at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…..a brilliant finish to our UK tour!



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