The country that ‘rocks’

The UK is not just about ‘rock and roll’. Still in the country of the Beatles, the Kings or the Rolling Stones, you’re never far from a pop – rock festival in summer time!

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It would be a bit ‘minimal’ to limit the prolific British music scene to rock and roll. The UK has a major electronic scene covering drum & bass, garage or dubstep, London’s still a great jazz place, not to mention the not so much known hip hop culture with artists like Gunshot or Silver Bullet (thanks Michael for introducing those guys to me!)

Nevertheless the expansion of rock and roll has really come out from that island at the far west of Europe, and had a major influence on modern music. We couldn’t spend summer here without at least a quick note on it!


British Invasion

When you think the beginning of rock and roll, you immediately picture Liverpool!

However rock and roll emerged in the 50’s in the US. It comes from the evolution of ‘rythm & blues’ mixed with folk music; to make it simple. If first got popularised with artists like the one and only king, Elvis Presley, good old Chuck, Chuck Berry, or the great Bill, Bill Haley.

But really it took its maturity and international spread when some ‘Brits’ jumped in, in the 60’s. And that’s where Liverpool came into the picture. I’m talking here about the Beatles of course. But it’s not just them. That decade saw many other British bands, such as the Kings or the Rolling Stones, who played a massive part into creating that ‘pop – rock mania’, a family history going all the way to….now really. Think of Oasis or the Artic Monkeys in the early 2000’s, or even Ed Sheeran to a certain extent.


You’re never far from a pop – rock festival during the UK summer

I’m not joking!

There are a lot, like a lot, of music festivals in the UK in summer time. Last week we introduced the Boomtown Fair for instance, a ska / reggae / bassline festival. But if you’re into the pop – rock culture it would be even easier to find the right shoes, wherever you are you are!

Among the most known ones you’ve got the Leeds and Reading festivals. There are now so popular that they usually sell out by march!

The main reason of their success is an amazing line-up. Just take one night of thess 3-day events on the main stage, and you’ll see Muse or Liam Gallagher! Pure British pop – rock tradition!

And the beauty of it is this pair festival happen the same week-end….in two different sites: in the apparently new ‘UK music capital’ Leeds (b..s…Bristol is and will stay the unique music cradle!) up north, and in Reading down in the south! The promoters will get the artists to travel down the M1 (or up, if you start in Reading), to ensure that wherever you are you’ll enjoy that mega line-up. Yes. Cause we didn’t tell you all of it. As mentioned earlier, the British music is not just about pop – rock. Hence on the 25-27th August in Leeds-Reading festival, you’ll also be able to see Eminem, Major Lazer, Fatboy Slim, Andy C or High Contrast to only quote some of my favorite artists maybe one day on our fair music platform!

Just be sure to be prepared; it’s England after all!!

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