The After Hours: the new Bristol Sound

Last week we introduced you to our weekly column #ArtistOfTheWeek with Mankala! Today we are still in Bristol and have fallen under the spell of The After Hours, a band that you absolutely have to know dear Bustlers!


Crédits: The After Hours

Have you already heard about “Bristol Sound“? If you are a real music lover, the Bristol underground scene wouldn’t have any secret for you and we are pretty sure that you are already humming Massive Attack and Portishead…. aren’t you ? However, it’s time to set the record straight because in 2017 the local underground scene sound is still good,  and best proof to this statement is called The After Hours! Born and raised at The Fringe (the place to be if you needs vibes in Bristol), this 5 piece band  have started to play together as luck would have it. In fact, even if the story seems to have been converted into a romance, everything started when Cecile Lemaire (lead singer & guitarist) came from France to England to sing and find some musicians. That’s when she met Paul Garry (singer & guitarist) and they  begun to talk, drink & work together. They then met their drummer Dave Scarrat and Kat Fox who is playing violin on their first original song “An Ocean from You“. With this first and soft piece in their hands they decided to give a show at The Fringe (the ‘pub-to-be’ in Clifton). While rehearsing they had been joined by Ben Meredith (bass) and finally by the talented multi-instrumentalist Steve Lacey. And that’s how that new sound came out!

The After Hours are currently working on their first EP, to be released in the near future. They are driven by the passion of music and want to evolve in a spirit of sharing. That’s why it makes sense for them to be on Bustle Music and that’s the reason why they’ve decided to share their song “Big Hotel which is a prime example of their musical DNA. Swinging between folk and country you’re going to find yourself nodding your head, snapping your fingers and dancing around to their music. Listening this group is adopting it , you’ve just got  warned!

Do you like The After Hours ? Join us on Bustle Music & support them !


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