Boomtown: behind the mask!

Live music takes another dimension when it comes to music festival. Hence we’re in the UK this summer, in the cradle and pinnacle of music festivals, starting with the UK’s most immersive and escapist festival: Boomtown fair!


Live music takes another dimension when it comes to music festivals

Listening to recorded music is one thing. And one good thing! Otherwise we wouldn’t be putting all those efforts into developing a streaming music platform.

Now in the Bustle Music Team we share Miles Davis’s feeling when he says ‘a CD is just a teaser! You want to listen to me? Come see me play live!’. And live music takes another dimension when it comes to music festivals!

And if there is one country, which has something to tell about music festival -about music in general-, once again it’s the UK! Lucky you, we’ve landed there for a month, and we’re happy to take you for a summer music festival ride!

There is a good pub discussion to have around why the UK is, to my opinion, the cradle and pinnacle of music festival.

‘What? You’re off your mind?  What about Burning Man in the US? Or Hellfest in France?’ Come on, just think of Glastonbury, the Fringe Festival or even Boomtown…..anyway, feel first the festival vibe, and we’ll talk later.

We’ve just said Boomtownfair?

Well, that’s where you want to be this weekend, should you not know what to do!
Creating a town….just to festival!

You’ve read it right!

On the top features of this recent but totally blasting festival is the fact that it all started by the simple concept: you hang around in a re-created little town, where each building is venue! At the Townhall, the main stage. Turn right into ‘My Fair Street’ and you’ll end up up the stunning architecture of sector 6 and its sort of clocktower ready for pyrotechnic displays and drum & bass! Of course there’s a police station, but transformed into a stand-up stage or a shiny ‘bling bar’.

Music wise, Boomtown if very much ska / jump up / reggae orientated, with artists like Gentleman’s Dub Club, M.I.A, Mad Apple Circus or Hepcat on the one hand. But there’s also a big bassline / jungle /drum & bass line up featuring this year Aphrodite, Shy FX of the Heatwave! Those artists ain’t yet on Bustle Music….but we’re working on it!

But of course when you go there for 3 or 4 days, you’ll want to break from music from now on then. And alike festival you’ve got lots of activities. But dislike other festival, they don’t just randomly appear between every stage. Non! You’ll have to go down Chinatown to mingle among the Digital Funfair or the Freak boutique, or to Downtown -it’s near the kidzone!- to find a library or a tattoo shop! That’s not enough? You’re right, sometime we all want to get out of town for a bit of fresh air; happy days in Boomtown there’s a forest….full of ravers and psychedelic hippies:-)

See, all the right ingredients of a good festival are there, but wrapt in such way…that Boomtown is not like any other festival: it’s a blast amazing show!

Still wondering what you’re doing this weekend?!




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