Hacked by Facebook

Tuesday our platform was down due to Facebook shutting us down; we sincerely apologies, and insure you that we’re fully back on tracks!  Back on this crazy story.


‘Sorry mate, we got hacked by Facebook’

That’s the answer I gave to a fellow bustler complaining on Tuesday when our system was down. ‘Too easy Cyr.’ was his message back. But nope. That’s a 100% true: our platform was down because for no reason Facebook has shut us down.


We use the Facebook app. to log in to our platform for the simple reason that million people don’t want to create a new login & password every time they create an account on a new website. You just ‘log in ‘ via Facebook. It’s well practicable.

So the Bustle Music app. interacts with the Facebook -you say ‘dialogues’ in tech. term’- via Ludo’s, our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Facebook account.

But Tuesday morning we got awoken by a message complaining that she couldn’t access Bustle Music. A quick check and Ludo discovered that his Facebook account got shut down during the night for no reason, with no warning at all nor any support.  And consequently the Facebook app. couldn’t interact anymore with our platform, and thus Bustle Music was down.

And this is not even the best part of the story.

Ludo’s first move was to create a new Facebook, establishing the connection between Bustle Music and Facebook back. And that’s where the craziness starts. Because that second account also got shut down a couple of hours later.


This is just mental….

We’ve flirted with idea to start following the hashtag #FBdisabledMe.

But we’ve quickly decided that the time spent on beaching on Facebook would be better invested ensuring that our solution is ready and visible. And so we did; happy days, on Wednesday we were back on track (with a new tech. twist; bravo Ludo!).

But I think that this is also a good opportunity to give you some inside of the ‘tech reality’ behind Bustle Music. Typically our main servers (where the music and the metadata associated are stored) are with Amazon Web Service in Ireland. But ALL the music library is backed-up with a small French company called OVH near Paris. See, we won’t loose it!

A step back

To take a step back this incident has severely remind us of the place and impact of the Gafa (Google – Apple – Facebook – Amazon) in our life. It’s literally Orwell’s Big Brother with a marketing mindset. What’s terrible is that we all know that we use google every single day. We are all fully aware that Youtube does not pay for Intellectual Property Rights like Deezer or Spotify does….but who never-ever goes on Youtube to listen to music??

Hey, let not be pessimistic; it’s never too late to start changing!

And should you need a starting point, here what Ludovic and I have passed on to the team:

  • Watch out your personal data; everything on the web is accessible someway or another.
  • Diversify your service providers (for ex: there are other search engines as powerful as Google, like Lilo, Qwant…other music services than Youtube…).
  • Don’t be lazy. Don’t use the same password (and use a password helper should you have a goldfish memory like me), don’t start with Amazon should you need to buy a skateboard, etc…


Anyway, again, we are sincerely sorry for the disturbance this week; it was too much of a sunny day to listen to music anyway 🙂


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