Weekly recap of the Bustle Music Tempo Tour

After a week spent travelling across France we’re coming back on our several stop-offs and meetings. The global assessment of the Bustle Music Tempo Tour so far is extremely positive and we’re very happy to share it with you.


If you’ve been following us on social media you might have noticed that part of the Bustle Music team has been hitting the road for over a week. Three of us have left Paris to explore several cities across France in order to spread the sustainable revolution of music. Our objective was also to get in touch with regional actors in the music industry.

The reason we’ve called our trip the Bustle Music Tempo Tour is that it’s set up in partnership with Road Studio, a mobile recording studio. Every artist that they’re recording during the trip will then be geo-located on the Bustle Music map.

As our adventures were mainly reported in French, we’ve prepared a recap for all of our English-speaking followers!

Lyon: Our musical Tour de France started on Saturday morning. We headed toward Lyon to attend the Nuits Sonores, a music festival organised all around the city. In the meantime Road Studio was at Grrrnd Zero, an ‘underground’ venue showcasing alternatives artists.

Montpellier: On Monday we arrived in Montpellier where we had organised a gathering with musicians, journalists and other actors in the music world. Casa Bondels, a cultural center runed by volunteers, had us as guests in their home located in the centre of the town.

Marseille: Back on the road the next day for a short drive to Marseille. In the afternoon we co-organised an event with the label Parnas Studio. It was a great opportunity to discuss our project with various actors such as Show it! or Arcade PACA and few musicians too.

Toulouse: We arrived in Toulouse on Wednesday. At night we were invited by the booking agency Note Only to go to a double showcase at the legendary piano maker Pianos Parisot. There we had the chance to discover two talented jazz performers, Endless and Amaury Fayes Trio

Bordeaux: After a busy week full of driving we’ve stopped for three nights in Bordeaux. Our first day was spent with Purple Base – a new booking platform- and the cultural webzine Happe:n. It then finished with an interview on RCF radio. The day after we met Road Studio at Les Bruits du Château’s festival for an afternoon full of live music.

We’re very thankful for this busy week full of interesting meetings.

We’re currently in Nantes preparing for the last few days of the Bustle Music Tempo Tour. We’ll be staying here until Wednesday. Then we will head to Rennes and finally go back to Nantes on Friday for the tech. conference Web2day.

If you want to keep in touch with our adventures on a daily basis follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also tell our stories on the #BMTT part of the blog. It’s mainly in French but don’t worry we will prepare another English recap back in Paris!

See you soon bustlers!


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