The ‘stream & fund ‘ system has been launched!

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The website on its new version has opened early February, and it was totally free.

In total fairness it wasn’t just a nice welcoming gesture from us!

Indeed we had few debugging to do, some features to add and the catalog was a bit minimalist. I actually want to take the opportunity to thanks the few of you who have experienced some display bugs or minor errors for  their understanding and feedbacks: merci!

But here we are!

As we’ve presented it last week we’ve rolled out a ‘merged app.’ (see last week article) where you can filter the artists around you on the map by specific music types: that’s ‘enhanced music discovery’!

And from this week, you can now even create your own playlists to start building your own Bustle Music library.

As for the artists, we are very proud to say that we’ve achieved that 1st milestone of 100+ artists, from 4 continents, on more than 12 different types (classical, reggae, rock, jazz, latino, afro-fusion….). That’s already more than 30 hours of music to listen to….and it keeps increasing every day.

While this was getting ready we’ve worked in parallel to setup the payment system of our ‘market place’, via our service provider ‘Mango Pay’, which works with cultural web services or crowdfunding platforms.

Obviously this had to be absolutely right, and it is!

And everything being in place now, we can open our innovative ‘stream & fund’ system: time for the listeners to become actors!

From now on everybody starts with 15 days free trial. And if you like it, if you want to carry on browsing the map and listening to those artists from all over the word, well you’ll have to subscribe.

Basically you ‘stream’ the music on Bustle Music, and by doing that you actually ‘fund’ the artists….without even realising it; almost; brilliant, isn’t it?!

It’s not a lot (see the various subscription plan), but it’s important so that all together -we create the framework and you pay- we can support musicians from all over world, we can act on local development, we can start changing how we consume and thus how we interact all together.

A final word before I let you ‘bustle around the world’.

We are on development.

There are billion things we would like to develop on Bustle Music (being able to share the music we like, being able to update our profile, being able to interact with the artists and see on the map where will be their next gigs, being able to follow labels, being able to follow to which artist(s) we’ve contributed the most, adapt the price policy to the countries…). Those things will come. Just give us a bit of time, and get back to us with your feedbacks, ideas, comments….

Thanks again for all your support.

Let’s bustle!



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