Why can’t everything be free?

De-materialisation and digitalisation have gradually got us disconnected, living in an utopic buble. But actually new technologies, used cleverly and with humility offer opportunities to reconnect; that’s meaningfull, more fulfilling and making us more free!

De-materialisation and digitalisation have gradually got us disconnected, living in an utopic buble.
But it’s not a new thing.
Let’s take a step back.

Since the industrial revolution we’ve seen mechanical power (stream, electricity, explosion engine…) driving machines and changing reality, helping us be more efficient but most importantly getting progressively rid of natural barriers. I’m talking here about just few of us being required to grow food for instance, but also being able to read at night time. And if we take music for example -our favorite topic!-, you could originally only listen to music when a musician was playing in front of you. Then arrived radios to broadcast live -so you did not have to physically be in front of the artist-, records – you could start listening to music at a different time it was played-, and now internet – you can actually access all music in de-localised time & space-. I’m surely making shortcuts & simplifications here, but you’ve got the idea, haven’t you?

Everything seems now possible at anytime. As reality is becoming further and further from our daily-life, there’s a tendency to simply forget about the value and cost of things. And I’m not talking here solely about financial value and cost. What’s the total cost of eating grapefruits in february in Europe? Or of going shopping without a carrier-bag? Or to stream media freely on the web?

We don’t know anymore.
But there is one.
We’re downgrading our environment -think of that garbage patch in the Pacific ocean-, our relationship to the others – think of people producing containt, like artists, getting nothing-, and our relationship to ourselves – think of tasteless tomatoes or terrible movies quality on lotsofmoviesinbadquality.com-.

Now happy days: we’re not doom!
Total opposite: new technologies cleverly used with humility re-open horizons!  Because we can do de-localised things in time and space, but still connected. Example? Bustle music: you pay -4€/month-, not much, but you pay. And you can listen to that musician from Vietnam or Guatemala knowing the artists get 2,7€ out of it. Bim!

And how free of guild and bad thoughts, and trully genuine is that?!


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