We say that Bustle Music is the ‘3.0 of music streaming’…do we even know what it means?


We’re loudly mentioning that Bustle Music is a 3.0 platform. And lots of people acknowledge, but don’t have a clue what this really means.

And why not? It’s taken me 4 years to eventually ask Ludovic that I needed a bit of back-up should we want to keep saying it before someone asks me and makes me feel quite uncomfortable facing my own hypocrisy!

Well, plug a hell of a lots of computers into one massive external hard-driver. And here we are, we’ve got internet. It might be simple, but it’s true. Back in 60s, this was already a major breakthrough. But of course with the technology available back then computers were big, and this would only concern few of us. Typically armies or universities for example. Consequently the first internet users would upload some content like they would add a new book to a library. You needed a ‘research engine’ to go on internet,…In a nutshell it was a digital library, accessible by users anywhere in the world. This, was the first way of using internet. The first ‘version’ if you will. So internet 1.0 (why .0 ?… boring story. Take it, and don’t worry about it).

Then went the time of Bill Gates, who wanted to put ‘one pc in each home’, the time of Steve Jobs and Macintosh. And indeed in the Western World the ‘computerisation’ of the society was progressing. Back in the days you couldn’t forecast how big this would be. And soon we’ve realised that we were actually all connected. And if it started with a message box like ‘msn’, it quickly turned out that we could interact a lot more using internet. We’ve started to shop, do admin stuff, play in networks….Add the technological progress convergences, and of course we think ‘smartphones’ here, then it’s suddenly the whole world, because it’s not limited to the Western Part anymore, which plays, exchanges photos, tweets, shops, watches videos….on line. Internet is no longer the library of mankind. Actually there is a website for it; it’s called Wikipedia. Internet is way of interacting. And that’s the second way of using internet. Internet 2.0

So indeed, we’re arriving at a time where all the various objects will be connected, by wifi, so by internet. Not just the various smartphones connected to that massive external driver, called a ‘server’. Not just ‘applications’ that allow to use services. Non. All objects, all connected and controlled together through your web-browser. And from a smartphone turned into a remote control, or maybe the google glasses, you’ll monitor all what’s happening around you. Internet is no more a way to interact, it a way of being. Internet 3.0

See, put in this way, I’m not too sure it’s a great thing for Bustle Music to the be the ‘3.0 of music streaming’. Can’t it just be the ‘2.0 of music streaming’?…(but it’s a no, because just by writing it, it feels old-fashioned already).

First we’re still miles away of having the 7 billion of Earth inhabitants to be all plugged like in bad Science-Fiction stories. And there’s actually a proper debate to have whether it’s sustainable for half of the word to lack of energy while we all control our armchair from our telephone in Europe.

Then the fact that more and more of us are  all connected, interacting on internet 2.0 using the new gadgets likes the ones presented this week-end by the Makers of the 2nd Square Salon (drones, 3D printing, internet platforms…) means that lots can happen.  You can explore and learn, you can stay local but contribute to global things, and more importantly you can re-discover what  your ‘local’ is,  through a move on the virtual world. ‘Computerisation’, ‘digitalisation’ and internet make everything different, with lots of new opportunities, especially when it comes to share better, exchange better and support better.

So yes, we know what being the ‘3.0 of music streaming’ means; it means we’re on it!

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