We are Bustle Music

We are Ludo, Cyrille, Agnès, Delphine, Chloé, Benoît, Noémie, Simon, Pedro, Chase,… a bunch of musicians, music lovers, explorers, geeks, jurists and other pioneers sharing the same passion for music & travelling, and the same vision that a collaborative development is both possible and enthusiastic.

We are developing Bustle Music, the first world streaming platform that geo-localises and pays its artists in a fair way.

To run our fair revolution of music streaming, we’re constantly exploring, meeting, talking and thinking. And we would like to share our discoveries about the stake of music or about the level of technological development in different parts of the world. But this is also leading us to develop new ideas about the changes coming out the ‘digital revolution’ in music, or about innovative business solutions to a collaborative economy, that we would like to exchange about.

We don’t think we’ve got THE solution (you know, that solution that would sort out all the world’s problems). But we believe that failure is not trying. Now to make that try at least slightly effective, we need you, all of you, to somehow join our dynamic in anyway you think or like. We’ll provide some news, information and updates through that blog, but do feel free to react, comment, share or spread the word too.

Done for today.

Now, get involved…sorry, let’s bustle!

Co-founder & CEO

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